Workout of the Week: Feb. 28,2019

Exercise templates (1).png

Nothing burns like the cold. Try this workout when you need a hardy endurance grind you can do entirely indoors.

WORKOUT INTENTION: Your goal for this workout is to push the pace on the portion of the workout that is your weakness. At no time should you sacrifice form for speed, no matter where your focus.

  • If you primarily identify as a runner and struggle with bodyweight movements, push the pace on the burpees, situps and air squats.

  • If you're a CrossFitter and are more comfortable with the bodyweight movements, push the pace on your runs.

WORKOUT: I've written the workout so you can still run outdoors (runs at the beginning and end of the workout) if desired. After your warmup, perform the following:

  • Run 1 mile (OR row 2000m)

  • Then 3 rounds of 3-5-7 of burpees, situps and air squats (3 burpees + 3 situps + 3 air squats + 5 burpees + 5 situps... for 3 rounds)

  • Run 1200m (OR row 1500m).

Rachael Colacino