Workout Distance Conversions

Workout distance conversions.png

Yes, I’m an endurance coach with a specialty in run technique. So my preference in an ideal world is all athletes running outside on race-specific surfaces (trail runners on trails, road racers on roads, etc.). But none of us trains in a forgiving vacuum that provides ideal schedule and weather conditions. So with that, I bring you workout distance conversions.

Most of Rachael’s Runners workouts are programmed in meters or time. Time is simple to convert, but to convert meters, see the following. Some notes:

  • Treadmill: I’d prefer you use a non-motorized treadmill like the Assault AirRunner or the Woodway series, but if you don’t have access and must be on a motorized treadmill, set the grade to 3% minimum and focus on your Run Posture and the Pull. You won’t be able to practice using gravity as the belt will be moving for you automatically.

  • Rowing Erg: Note that the conversion is also to meters with a slightly further distance. You’re welcome.

  • Bike: If you’re using an Assault AirBike or an Airdyne Bike, the conversion in calories measures your work. The time you spend on the bike should correspond roughly to the amount of time you’d spend running the same distance, given similar effort expended.

Rachael Colacino