Workout of the Week: June 13, 2018

I always talk to my athletes about purposeful miles, which is the backbone of my programming. Purposeful miles means that 95% of the miles you run have a specific purpose -- for example speed, conditioning, mental grit, dialing in race pace, etc. No "junk miles" here.

This workout is no different. I sent it out to Rachael's Runners subscribers Sunday evening, and by Tuesday I already had two "complaints" in my inbox.

The goal here is to run the 100m as slow as necessary so you can sprint the 300m. Once you start the 300m/100m intervals, do not stop.  And then marathoners, following this workout you're going to perform 6 miles at goal race pace. The 300m/100m will fatigue you so that you're testing race pace under near race conditions.

Rachael Colacino