Workout of the Week: March 12, 2018

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Aerobic Recovery Workout

Before the workout, perform 5 sets of the Fall Into Wall + Pull drill for 60 seconds at a time. Run it out for ~50m between each effort.

  1. Stand facing the wall, in your good run posture: neutral pelvis, ribcage pulled down, shoulder blades pulled toward back pockets, head neutral, knees and ankles unlocked.
  2. With straight arms but shoulder blades still pulled down and head still neutral, make 2 fists and touch to the wall. Change your fists to palms flat against the wall. This slight change will cause you to FALL forward slightly. That slight fall (1 degree or so) is all you need to use gravity to move forward, and is the angle you'd use for a warmup pace or a marathon pace.
  3. While continuing to maintain body position, start to PULL ankles toward hips as you run in place. Keep head neutral, eyes looking straight ahead. Make sure core remains engaged -- don't let hips sink toward wall; keep them below your shoulders. 

Then, after a sufficient warmup, perform this workout:

  • Row 1k with nasal breathing only. Breathe in and out through nose. If you need to breathe out of your mouth, slow down and decrease your stroke rate.
  • Rest 3-5minutes
  • Row 1k at 85% effort (faster than what you would row for a warmup but slower than what you'd use in a workout)
  • Run 1 mile for technique (not for speed).
Rachael Colacino