Workout of the Week: Feb. 8, 2018

Compound Speed: 6-8x400m Slow +200m Fast

Before your workout, perform the Fall + Hold drill, and accumulate 2 minutes per leg. Focus on keeping your body in alignment (pelvis neutral, ribcage pulled down, shoulder blades toward back pockets, hands and arms relaxed, head neutral) and especially on keeping your knees and ankles relaxed and unlocked. It's OK if you need to put a foot down to steady your balance, just reset every time.

Then, after a sufficient warmup, perform 6-8 of:

  • Run 400m nice and easy (just faster than warmup pace) right into:
  • Sprint 200m at 95-98% effort

There is NO REST between reps, so once you start this workout you don't stop until you're finished. The goal here is to find a pace for your 400s that allows you to rest and recover enough to hit your 200s fast.

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Rachael Colacino