Workout of the Week: Feb. 1, 2018

10-15x50m + 800m OR 1 Mile

This fun little workout combines your ability to maintain speed along with your aerobic capacity under fatigue. The 50m are a short distance and the rest between reps is long, so each should be run at 98-99% effort. Stop when form breaks down OR when your time slows by more than 3 seconds. Enjoy, and let us know how you do!

Before your workout, perform this banded run drill for 3x1minute. Focus on keeping your body in alignment, falling forward at your hips, and pulling on cadence (180 pulls/minute minimum). In between each effort, run 50m nice and easy, trying to replicate the work you performed in the band.

After a sufficient warmup, perform 10-15x 50m at 98-99% effort a 1:00 rest between each effort. Then...

  • CROSSFITTERS/SHORT-DISTANCE ENDURANCE ATHLETES: After you finish your 50m repeats, rest 3minutes and go immediately into 800m for time. 
  • HALF MARATHONERS/MARATHONERS: After you finish your 50m repeats, rest 3minutes and go immediately into 1 mile for time.

Build your engine capacity with the Rachael's Runners endurance program. Join us in person 7:15p Mondays at CrossFit Inspire or try this workout on your own. This is provided for training inspiration only and is not a complete training program. Click here for our complete endurance program.

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Rachael Colacino