Workout of the Week: Dec. 26, 2018

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Use that Christmas cookie fuel to get after some hills!


The power of this workout comes from:

  1. The uphill run intensity -- keep effort high knowing you have significant rest between each ascent and

  2. The technical skill of hill running, which you'll practice with each effort.


  • Perform 20x ~15-20second hill ascents + jog down. Your rest is your jog down the hill, so take that as slowly as you need so you can perform the next hill ascent at higher intensity.


    • Posture -- keep your run posture and avoid the urge to bend forward at your waist. Keep your shoulders over your hips, shoulder blades pulled down, ears over your shoulders, and chin at a 90 degree angle to your sternum. This will ensure you're in your strongest position AND give you maximum access to oxygen.

    • Fast feet -- pull your feet off the ground. DO NOT PUSH off the hill. Pulling ensures you stay in alignment and keeps you moving efficiently up the hill, versus pushing off in back which makes long, inefficient levers out of your legs. Increase your cadence and keep feet low to the ground. Pull to ankle height maximum.

  • RUN TECHNIQUE: DOWNHILL: Gravity is already working for you, so there's no need to fall forward from your hips. Maintain run posture as above and slow your cadence so your ankles stay below your hips.

Rachael Colacino