Workout of the Week: Nov. 28, 2018

Exercise templates (82).png

INTENTION: Today's workout is all about modulating your speed and refining your ability to run at different paces. Don't save yourself for the bodyweight work at the end. The goal is to perform that work on fatigued legs to 1) build your late-race strength and 2) add to your speed approaching the finish line.

GOAL: Run noticeable and sustainable different speeds for each of the three timed intervals.

WORKOUT: After your warmup, perform 10-15 sets of the following. Each round = 1:00 run total + 3:00 jog (4:00 total):

  • Run 30 seconds FAST.

  • Go right into: - Run 20 seconds FASTER.

  • Go right into: - Run 10 seconds FASTEST.

  • Go right into: - Jog 3:00.

  • When you've finished the 10-15 rounds, finish your workout with 50 jump lunges total (25/leg) after your final 3:00 jog.

Rachael Colacino