Workout of the Week: Oct. 19, 2018

This workout is TERRIBLE. You're welcome.


This cycle we are focused on run + bodyweight work, with each placed strategically in the workouts to provide benefits no matter how you identify as an athlete.


For runners -- we're fatiguing you early with the lunges so your run is more difficult, requiring you to focus on technique and consistency as you try to maintain pace/intensity

For CrossFitters -- we're forcing you to perform your lunges after your run, increasing your ability to perform these movements under fatigue.


There are different versions of this workout based on how you identify as an athlete. Don't think too hard about this -- all are equally as difficult. If you're not sure, follow the CrossFitter/Generalist option.

➡️ CrossFitters/General Endurance Athletes: 10x (Sprint for 1:00 + 50 Alternating Walking Lunges + 1:00 Rest).

➡️ Half Marathoners/Marathoners: 10x (50 Alternating Walking Lunges + Sprint for 1:00 + 1:00 Rest).

➡️ NEWBIES/TAPERING ATHLETES: Perform 5 rounds of the workout as written above for CrossFitters/Generalists.


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Rachael Colacino