Workout of the Week: Jan. 9, 2018

The Open is coming! CrossFitters -- too cold to run outside but still want to improve your endurance before the Open? There's still time!

Some of our athletes like the strong-as-hell Wendy sub rowing for our run workouts, like this week's short speed interval:

➡️ Run or row 10x200m with a rest period equal to 3x the time it takes you to complete each. You should feel near full recovery for each rep, and long rest means high effort, so each 200m should be close to an all-out sprint for you.

➡️ If you're running these outdoors and it's cold, make sure the rest isn't working at cross purposes: if you're cooling down too much between efforts, cut down the rest. It will be worth it to stay warm.

Rachael Colacino