Marathon Recovery Workout

Recover faster using this workout to accelerate your muscle restoration and loosen your lower back and legs. Perform every day until you feel fully recovered.

3 sets of:
✔️ Bike/row/run 2 easy minutes
✔️ 10-15 full-body situps
✔️ 10-15 Banded Romanian deadlifts (hamstrings and glutes should burn)
✔️ 15 KB swings with light to medium weight
✔️ 10-15 bench press with light to medium weight
✔️ 10-15 strict pullups (no kipping) or ring rows

Increase your protein to rebuild muscles and carbs to replace glycogen stores. Mind your anti-inflammatories (fish oil, turmeric) and hydrate hydrate hydrate.

How to recover from a marathon.png
Rachael Colacino