Rachael's Runners Workout of the Week: Week of Oct. 16

Knowing your current 1-Mile pace is valuable information to have, and will allow you to determine pacing for all types of events and workouts, such as:

  • 5k pacing, typically ~20% slower/mile than 1-mile pace
  • Time goals for shorter sprints, like 400m and 800m (aim for both to be faster than 1 mile pace)
  • Help determining what pace you can maintain during a workout and still recover if you have additional movements after your run (CROSSFITTERS I'm looking at you).

For this workout, make sure you incorporate the warmup intervals before. These are designed to prepare your muscular and cardiovascular systems for the 1-mile test without fatiguing you prematurely. The rest during the warmup is long so you can recover without cooling down completely. Check out this video on 1-mile strategies and use to help you with this workout.

Note: this is provided for training inspiration only and is not a complete training program. If you're looking for a complete endurance program or custom coaching, please get in touch.

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Rachael Colacino